The better sleep special
This sleep special is for those that want to sleep better by improving lifestyle and their diet. Map your behaviour and patterns, and reprogram your body  in order to improve your sleep quality
Program benefits
Understand how sleep works
Which patterns influence the quality of your sleep
Get more energy
How to make changes to your sleep hygiene
Insights in how to optimize meal timing
Meet your sleep special expert
Lucas Schröder, MSc.

In 2006 Lucas switched his office for one of the toughest ocean races on the planet: The Transat 6.50 Solo Ocean Race from France to Brazil.

Nowadays, he raced over 30.000 nautical miles on the toughest seas, by himself, against the international athletes in sailing. Lucas received numerous awards for this achievement.

In the past 6 years, he became a professional in achieving goals under lots of stress, with minimal sleep.

How does it work?

Week 1 | BaselineIn the first week you will put on your continuous glucose monitor (we provide), start logging your food, mood, exercise and sleep, and just go about your usual routine. This is the calibration part to understanding your baseline.

Week 2 | DiversifyIn the second week you will continue to wear the continuous glucose monitor and log, though we will prompt you to diversify your foods and exercises. This is how we can understand the range and diversity your body has to foods.

Week 3 | ResultsFor week three we crunch your data numbers, and find foods producing the best glucose responses for you personally. In an optional debrief we will explain your results. From here on, you are empowered to eat foods that are personally best for you.

Program Features
2 weeks logging of foods,  glycemic response, exercise, mood/energy
Small groups (10-12 persons)
A special sleep diary
Whatsapp community with special coaching by Lucas Schröder (trainer)
Including the sensor and Clear reporting
Client experiences
“I had no idea that my feeling of exhaustion was so closely linked to my diet. White rice is going to be out of my diet for good. The spike I had two nights ago almost went up to 13 mmol/L with just tiny bowl of fried rice!”

- Katharina (43), Amsterdam, NL
“The basic nutrition program has shown me that the foods that I thought were good for me, were actually bad for me. Becaus of this I was able to personalise my diet and increase my energy level.”

- Marcel (33), Amsterdam (NL)

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