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The evidence based personalized nutrition program in Amsterdam

Choose foods that increase your energy, manage your weight, and promote your long term health

Early access including:


  • The continuous glucose monitor
  • Attendance to the weekly kickoff evening
  • Early access to the 3 week program
  • Access to your group’s Whatsapp group
  • Your fully personalised nutrition report
  • Recommendations on what foods work best for you
  • Access to our alumni community with other AI dieting peers

Register now for early access to our program, we have limited spots!

We’ll send you our PDF on what you can get out of our program and the importance of blood glucose responses for daily energy and long term health. If you want, you can pick a start date and make your registration final immediately. Feel free to leave us a comment or message, we’d love to hear from you. 

Next available starting dates:

  • 25 November (19:00 Amsterdam)
  • 2 December (19:00 Amsterdam)
  • 9 December (19:00 Amsterdam)
  • 6 January 2020 – New Year’s Resolutions Edition (19:00 Amsterdam)

Based on science

Our program is based on the most modern and cutting edge science

Maximize your energy, weight control, and long-term health

Personalize your diet in our three week program

Week 1 | Baseline

In the first week you will put on your continuous glucose monitor (we provide), start logging your food, mood, and exercise, and just go about your usual routine. This is the calibration part and we form an understanding of your baseline.

Week 2 | Diversify

In the second week you will continue to wear the continuous glucose monitor and log, though we will prompt you to diversify your foods and exercises. This is how we can understand the range and diversity your body has to foods.

Week 3 | Results

For week three we crunch your data numbers, and find foods producing the best glucose responses for you personally. Our expert session explains your results. Here on you’re empowered to eat foods that are best for you personally!

Your diet plays a key role in your daily energy and long term health

And blood glucose levels can indicate how healthy a food is for you

Having a peak in your blood sugar level is analogous to an overflow of energy.

Your body sends out signals to store this, resulting in fat, and often overcompensates, resulting in a sugar low and causing fatigue and hunger. These are foods you want to minimize in your diet.

Good foods avoid these peaks and crashes.

They keep you full and energized, making it easier to manage your weight and keep you healthy on the long term.

Professional sports and blood glucose: Dana Albers


Dana Albers, professional Alpine Snowboarder, is participating in The Clear Health Program. Being a professional sports player, you already have to be very careful with your nutrition.

The aim of participation in the program, is to better understand how nutrition affects sports. During training sessions, it is very important to have the right amount of nutrition, that delivers the right effect on your blood glucose level. Too big of a spike in blood glucose, can result in a rapid decline, which can have a tremendous effect on your sports performance.

Dana Albers is currently training for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Want to follow her journey? Follow her Facebook page.

Our program

The Clear program is designed by scientists to identify the best diet for you, personally.

During our three week program you will use a continuous blood glucose monitor (we provide) and log your food, mood, and exercise (through your mobile phone). We’ll give you everything you need, the program can be fully followed while you keep living your busy life.

Eat what you normally eat and we’ll suggest a few things too. You’ll get live feedback on how you respond to foods. Meanwhile, we’ll crunch the numbers.

After our program you will receive your report on what foods are best for you personally and an explainer session with our lead scientist.

It’s not just us who say it, read the opinion pieces

What our users are saying

Nick Reineman,

Commercial director
WBSO Software Specialist

“Participating in the program has made me more concious about the effect different foods and drinks have on my body. I experienced some unexpected peaks. For example: The combo of coffee with a cookie is awful for me but my response to alcoholic beverages was better than I thought.”


37 years old

“I had no idea that my feeling of exhaustion was so closely linked to my diet. After following the advice from Clear, I’m now energized and full of life!”


34 years old

“I couldn’t believe it! I saw that Coke Zero spiked and dropped me as hard as normal Coke! I’m never drinking that again!”

Meet the team

We want to empower you with knowledge and data on your unique self, to enable you to make good choices on your lifestyle and live life in tune with your biology

Piet Hein

CEO and cofounder

Seasoned data entrepreneur

PhD in physical chemistry

Loves all outdoor sports, (almost) all books, healthy and tasteful cooking


Advisory Scientist

PhD in systems biology

Biomedical researcher and machine learning data scientist

Loves researching healthiness and making it accessible to all


Head of Growth

Tech entrepreneur

Marketing and real estate enthusiast.

Loves triathlons, reading, nerding and beekeeping.


Data Cruncher


Adaptive systems, operating systems practitioner

Loves nature, trekking and lindyhop.


Head of Product

Tech entrepreneur

Online marketing professional & researcher

Specialist on nutrition, diet and fasting, loves cooking & eating

Frequently asked questions


Is it worth it?

 For a fraction of the price of private dietitians and lifestyle coaches, you get a truly personalized food recommendation plan that’s evidence based and designed to keep you energized, manage weight and have long term health. You decide if that’s worth it.


What is continuous glucose monitoring?

This technology has emerged out of the medical diagnostics field for diabetes treatment. Essentially it consists of a wearable device that you apply on yourself, e.g. the upper inner arm, which has a small and painless flexible needle that inserts into the skin. This device records the glucose levels in your interstitial tissues.


Why is continuous blood glucose monitoring important?

 Blood glucose responses are intimately tied to your health and wellbeing. Basal blood glucose levels slowly rise as you age and having higher levels than average for your age is associated to looking older. It’s more than skin deep though: high blood glucose levels are associated to higher chances of disease and all cause mortality. Knowing how you react to foods empowers you to keep your blood glucose levels in a healthy range.


Am I eligible for the program?

 To be eligible for the three weeks you need: (1) to be curious about your health (2) to not have a current serious health condition (3) to not plan to do intense contact sports or water based activities in these three weeks (just to be sure you don’t lose the glucose monitor) (4) you should have a smart phone with an NFC reader (most modern smart phones have it). We’ll take care of the rest.


Where does the program take place and what does it cost?

 Sign up for early access and you can select from a number of different options and read through our welcoming PDF. We are launching in the Amsterdam area and will be rolling out in a number of other cities and countries. Early bird pricing to take part in this unique experience is set at 199 Euros (for the entire three week program with personalized nutritional report). A continuous glucose monitor is included.


How much time will the program take up during the three weeks?

 We know you have a busy life, and we design around it. The program is three weeks, though only an evening kickoff and evening closing require you to be physically present somewhere. During the program, the continuous glucose monitoring happens automatically, no need for you to do anything other than place it on your arm at the start and have it synced with your phone. Every meal you take a picture of your food for a record. In the evenings you get a short survey to assess your exercise, mood and energy from the day, and how you slept. Throughout you can optionally chat with others in the program and us, at your convenience. The analytics we do behind the scenes.


What happens if I ‘enroll for early access’?

 By clicking on the ‘enroll for early access button’ you’ll be given a chance to leave your email address and download a PDF explaining more about the importance of blood glucose levels, and what you can get out of our program. Once you leave your email, we’ll follow up by sending you possible participation dates and your program preference. We look forward to hearing from you!

Questions or comments? Send us an email!


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