Understand your body’s unique responses to food
Choose foods that increase your energy, manage your weight, and promote your long term health. Measure your blood glucose levels, balance your diet and control your blood sugar levels.
Everyone is
and responds differently to foods

When it comes to something as personal as food, everyone’s different. So how do you know what’s right for you? The answer lies in understanding your personal nutritional response - how your body breaks down and uses food.

How high the levels sugar in your blood rise after eating or drinking and how quickly they return to normal - your nutritional response - is an important measure of metabolism and health.

Some people respond very differently to foods, even identical twins.

Your diet plays a key role in your daily energy and long term health
Regularly eating meals that trigger an unhealthy nutritional response harms your metabolism, eventually causing long-term weight gain and health problems such as diabetes or heart disease.
Unhealthy foods
Having a peak in your blood sugar level is analogous to an overflow of energy.

Your body sends out signals to store this, resulting in fat, and often overcompensates, resulting in a sugar low and causing fatigue and hunger. These are foods you want to minimize in your diet.
Healthy foods
Good foods avoid these peaks and crashes.

They keep you full and energized, making it easier to manage your weight and keep you healthy on the long term.
Clear Health finds out what works for you
Our program is based on the most modern and cutting edge science
Our programs & specials
Basic Nutrition Program
Learn more about your personal biology: which foods work well for you, and which you should better avoid.
Learn more
Weight loss special
For those who want to lose weight. Lay the foundation for losing weight weekly & fitting into 1-2 sizes smaller.
Learn more
Women's health special
This is special is for women who want to understand their endocrine system and increasing their energy levels;
Learn more
Reducing stress special
Learn about the mechanism behind stress and how to reduce it. Find the relation between diet and stress.
Learn more
Better sleep special
This sleep special is for those that want to sleep better by improving lifestyle and their diet. Reprogram your body.
Learn more
Ketogenic Special
This special is for those seeking a long term improvement in health, longevity, and energy. Learn how to get into ketosis.
Learn more
All program features:
Attendance to kick-off evening with experts
The flash blood glucose monitor
3 weeks of personal guidance by our nutrition specialists
Moderated Whatsapp group with nutritionists with live support and hacks form our nutritionists
Tools and recommendations on what foods work best for you
Your fully personalised nutrition report and personal Glycemic Index
Extra features for premium and specials:
Next to the nutritionists also guidance of a sleep-, hormone-, stress-, keto- or weight loss expert based on your program of choice
Personal debrief with our experts
Special support and discount for diabetics

In the Netherlands, the FGM sensor technology for diabetic patients comes in the basic health insurance package. This method is reimbursed with immediate effect for people with diabetes 1 and 2 who are dependent on intensive insulin therapy and who have to prick their finger at least four times a day to check their glucose levels.

With The Clear Health Program, patients with diabetes can join our program for a reduced price when using their own sensors.

Next available starting dates in 2020
Amsterdam, NL
• Mon, 6 January (19:00)
• Mon, 20 January (19:00)
• Mon, 10 February (19:00)
Oslo, NO
• Wed, 21 January (17:00)
• Thu, 22 January (17:00)
Rotterdam, NL
• Tue, 14 January (9:00)

Client experiences
“I had no idea that my feeling of exhaustion was so closely linked to my diet. White rice is going to be out of my diet for good. The spike I had two nights ago almost went up to 13 mmol/L with just tiny bowl of fried rice!”

- Katharina (43), Amsterdam, NL
“The basic nutrition program has shown me that the foods that I thought were good for me, were actually bad for me. Becaus of this I was able to personalise my diet and increase my energy level.”

- Marcel (33), Amsterdam (NL)
About our founders
Madelon Bracke, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
started her career in biology, obtained a PhD in cell biology, and worked as scientist in the fields of immunology, hematology, pharmacoepidemiology, regenerative medicine & stem cells.
Piet Hein van Dam, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Seasoned data entrepreneur. Fast-growing or transformative companies. CEO of early stage ventures, helping them to get to the next stage.
Backed by science

Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses

Glucotypes reveal new patterns of glucose dysregulation

Personalized Approach to Predicting Postprandial Glycemic Responses

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